Welcome! I’m Ellen Smoak. I’m here to make you happy. I’m here to put a smile on that pretty face of yours again. I’m here to help you heal. And, I’m here to help send you back out into this beautiful world to make the beautiful footprint you’re meant to make.

What does that mean exactly? Basically, I’m here to help you get over that b*stard you call your ex.

Cause until you do that, honey, life will not be as grand as it’s meant to be. YOU will not be as grand as you’re meant to be. And you’re meant for greatness. Got it?

I know it isn’t easy. But it WILL be worth it…

Believe me, I know first hand. I moved all the way across the country to marry a man, only to have him change his mind a few years later. AND… I worked with him. So in the end… no fiance, no job, and no freaking clue what the hell I was going to do next.

I understand what it’s like to lose everything. Truly, I do. But I ALSO understand how to get over it now, too.

My life depended on me getting over my ex. I didn’t have any time to waste, either. I had to do something FAST. I had to do something BIG. And, I had to do something that would actually WORK.

I wasn’t going to be one of those people who took years to get over someone. (Heck no!)

And I hope you decide not to be one of those people, either.

If so, I’ll show you how. I’ll show you exactly what to do to beat your broken heart BEFORE it beats YOU.

Join the forces of women who aren’t going to let their ex get them down any longer.

Join the brilliant, beautiful women who are SO much better than that…

Join the Breakup Revolution.



I’m not much different than you, really.

I may have longer hair, eat faster, talk with my hands more, take hotter showers, and have colder feet, but truth be told, I’m just like you.

I like sunny days, rainy nights in, laughing, being hugged by someone twice my size, winning a game of bowling, and playing hookie.

I want to be happy. I want to be loved. And, I want to try almost everything at least once.

I’ve been in love my whole life. First with my father, though (bless his little heart) he ended up being the first person to break my heart. Next, with the cutest kid in kindergarten, who kissed me one day behind my playhouse. (Actually, he kissed me and then ran away really fast. Some men never change, apparently.)

Speaking of change, let me take this moment to remind you that you can’t change anyone except yourself. Period.

Screw the saying, “This is just who I am.” If you’re currently using this expression, we need to talk.

You are so much better than that.

I started ‘working on myself’ over a decade and half ago when I went to my first yoga class in San Diego, CA. Shortly after that, I dove head first into self-study and devoured every book that I could get my paws on about relationships, self-awareness, and personal growth.

I went to workshops, seminars, and hired personal coaches. If relationships, self-awareness, or personal growth was being taught, written about, or discussed…I was all eyes and all ears.

So, back to the reason you’re here. (Your breakup.)

I had my very first real heartbreak shortly after that very first yoga class. The story is so damn good, that I’ve saved most of it for my book. So, join the revolution fast, will ya? Find out if the Breakup Revolution is right for you.

That breakup beat me DOWN.  But, it makes for a kick ass story that will probably make you pee your pants.

So when I was dumped by my fiance, I had a point of reference point (the lowest point possible), and I knew what I needed to do instead. When this process I created worked better than I could have ever imagined… I wrote my book, turned it into a system, started this site… and today I coach thousands of women just like you from over 17 countries around the world. You’ll be OK.

But first…you have to want to be OK. You have to have the desire to be OK. If you do, then follow me.


Ellen Smoak is an Women’s Empowerment and Success Coach whose work has been featured on ABC, NBC, Yahoo, and FOX. She was called a “true change agent” by New York Times bestselling author Marci Shimoff, and her #1 bestselling book, Breakups Are A Bitch, But Getting Over It Doesn’t Have To Be! was called “a brilliant path to rebuild your life,” by Dr. John Grey, the author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Through Ellen’s book, coaching programs, and online courses, Ellen inspires a global audience to take charge of your life by teaching you how to access your power, boost your confidence, and increase your self-love — the three ingredients that Ellen believes will make it possible for you to get anything (and anyone) you want.

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