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17 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Colleen

    well I just tried to get your ecourse n first chapter .. but of course the way my life works, its unavailable and i know i will forget to come back

    your right .. not knowing is making me crazy .. it was a crush from 30 years ago and HE was the one that made all the plans in the future and I just sat back sayin to myself we will see instead of saying a damn flippin word .. now hes gone and I am just missing him so much .. I never ever felt so safe in anyones arms as I did his and I really need that in my life .. and I do need him

    now a friend advised me that he scared himself away cause it was so fast .. he was makin up for all that time in a few days .. so i sit here and feel like it was me was me .. I did call him the other day and make sure hes ok, he asked about me, told him i understood we went way too fast and should have slowed it down, he agreed and told him i was sorry for things i did, he said he knew that and not to worry, told him he could call or text me later and he said he would .. i do believe his words I really cant see him saying it without meaning it .. he was head over heels and i was just riding along but felt the same things too .. just didnt show them like he did .. how far from wrong was i in this relationship

    and yes please pray he will be a man of his word !! at least to talk things out so the worry stops here and i could maybe move on one day

    Colleen Kelly .. 518 928 0656 in case you feel a need to reach out and hit me .. LOL

  2. Roberta Hughes

    I’m reading your e-book, and like it very much. I have one suggestion regarding your list of ten things to develop as my new mantra, and that’s a comment regarding Number Ten on the list. Wouldn’t it be better to say, “…and I’m brilliant without him.” As it’s worded now, the “I’ll be” doesn’t fit with the idea of a true affirmation. Just a thought… Thanks! Roberta

  3. Roberta Hughes

    Hi, I’ve been enjoying the daily talk in the Cupid’s Roast program very much!!! I listen to the replay each night because it’s more convenient for my schedule. Tonight, the replay doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried three times to click on the play button, but it just sits there and does nothing. Any chance it can be fixed so I can listen in the morning, before Friday’s program begins later in the day? I don’t want to miss ANY of this! Thank you, Ellen, for putting this great program together. It’s been very helpful for me.

  4. Erika

    I just heard your interview with Lauren. Thanks. You helped me feel better. If I’m not mistaken, I think you said that the 10 mantras you ended with could be found for free on your website… where?
    One of them was “Keep the faith.” Sorry I can’t buy your product(s) now. Not in the budget. : ( Thanks.

  5. Barb

    Hi, Ellen. I listened to as many of the Cupid Roast programs as possible and would like to be in touch for the free coaching program you offered. Is this the best way to contact you? Thanks, Barb

  6. Pati

    Ellen combines amazing insight with compassion! She offers the practical with real action steps!She is a reliable compass for those of us who are lost on our journeys to love!!!

  7. bryseida

    Hi just tried to purchase the book and the audio volumes, and it didnt let me submit the order, however the charges are on my bank account and I just got off the phone w/my bank they are telling me the charges went through….Can you please contact me back

  8. Edgar Carrillo

    I really like your three videos!! But like you say every break up is different and yes she was my soulmate… She was my life and I am completely lost. I even have ask my self that ” what I’m doing here?” ( not that I would do anything stupid) I wen through a divorce one before, but it was nothing like this time with my current ex-girlfriend. And I promise you, I have done everything a man suppose to do, I treat her like a queen, I respect her, listen to her and love her with all my heart. And out of the blue she just told me that she didn’t want me no more. I don’t deserve this. Sorry I need it tell somebody!

  9. Edgar Carrillo

    For what I have seen I don’t think she wants to get back together, I just want closure in my life and be able to move on. And I wonder if there is gonna be some thing else for me later cause right now it seems like life is over.

  10. Holly

    Hello i am trying to order the program and e book but it will not let me enter my information.


  11. Vanilda

    i bought a series of the break up videos,I was wondering if I have to download or is going to Mail to me.let me know.thanks Vanilda


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