Success Stories + Praise From Fans

“A Brilliant Path to Rebuild Your Life.”

“Ellen has brilliantly illuminated a path to help you find your self-confidence and rebuild your life.”
Dr. John Gray, Bestselling author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

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“I Give Ellen My Full Support & Recommendation.”

“I look for authenticity and proof in someone whose work I follow, and I can honestly say that Ellen Smoak is one of the most sincere, dynamic, and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met. Her ground-breaking work is infused with wisdom, compassion, and clarity, creating a safe space for you to find the love and happiness you’re looking for.  If you want a better life — then follow Ellen. She’s is a true change agent, and I give her my full blessings, support, and recommendation. Read her books and take her courses – Let the spark of this fireball transform your life forever!”
Marci Shimoff | #1 NYT Bestselling Author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul


“If you have a broken heart, you must read this book! Ellen will be the best friend you’ve ever had, as she takes you by the hand and shows you how to heal your broken heart and kick start you into the life of your dreams!”
Arielle Ford| Bestselling author, The Soulmate Secret


“I was going through a very painful break up when I found Ellen. She moved me rapidly through a healing process, where I felt supported, and on a team destined for greatness. I ended up feeling wiser and stronger as a man… and I soon met the love of my life, Suzie.  Thank you Ellen!”
BIll K., 53, Atlanta GA | Dentist, Yogi, Love of Suzie’s life

“My big “win” from working with Ellen was a successful reconciliation with my ex! We are very happy together… finally! Not only that, but I have gained a strength that I never knew I had, and I feel more empowered in my life. For the first time in my life, I look in the mirror, accept myself with my faults… and love myself. I am HAPPY! My biggest “ah-ha” during personal coaching when I woke up one morning and realized just how happy I was all on my own. (which was prior to getting back with my ex.) Honestly, I loved everything about working with Ellen. And now… I love my life too!”
Karen W. in Duxbury, Mass. | Got her ex back with Ellen’s help, Still happily coupled


“Ellen is one of the best. Smart, committed, passionate, and caring – she’s the real deal. I can completely attest to her loving expertise.  If I were you, I’d hire her in a heartbeat.”
Marni Battista | Founder of Dating with Dignity


“Before I met Ellen, I’d been through the hardest year of my life. My husband had left me, and was dating someone younger. I live in a very small town, so I was constantly running into them everywhere I went… and even through I had tried several powerful healing processes, I was still suffering emotionally and unable to get free from the pain – no matter what I did. Honestly, my outlook was dim, and I was afraid I could not heal. The first time I had a private phone session with Ellen, she nailed me. Whether it was her powerful intuition or her years of experience coaching, she could see through and INTO me, without having ever seen my face. She quickly told me exactly what I needed to do next in order to heal and get happy again. Ellen has a gift at teaching us how to become our best selves and to have our best lives. In the end, Ellen taught me how to love myself… which I KNOW is the reason I found my new soulmate!  Yes… After all I’ve been through, and even at my age… I found the next love of my life, and I know I would not have gotten here without her.”
Whitney, 57, in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. | Client, Teacher, Passenger in new soulmate’s helicopter

“Before finding Ellen, I being able to open myself up again in a relationship was really scary. I also wanted to fully get over a breakup that I was still hurting from. I had already done a lot of personal work, but I still needed some guidance to learn how to trust again and to be vulnerable without fear. Coaching with Ellen has released the fear, and I can feel the difference between how grounded I feel now with a new person I’m dating vs. how anxious I was trying to date a year ago. I’m much more empowered, and I will continue to use the empowerment tools that Ellen taught me for a long time! I can now let go easier, forgive easier, and I no longer feel a victim of my life. Thank you Ellen for teaching me some of the most valuable lessons and for helping me be on a happier, more hopeful path. I’ve had so many big “wins” in my life shortly after coaching with you – from feeling less reactive…to getting my first short story published… to dating someone new! I can’t wait to see what other miracles show up next!”
Debbie F. in Cambridge, Mass | Writer, Photographer, Currently creating many miracles in her life

“I wasn’t feeling very enthusiastic about my life before finding Ellen online. I wanted to gain deeper insight of my own feelings and to figure out what I want in life. My favorite part about coaching with Ellen was interacting directly with her and also connecting with her other clients on a private Facebook group. Everyone was very real and honest – it was refreshing. What’s amazing is that I was drawn to Ellen to begin with because of her joy – she practically radiates it through the phone with her energy, while also being extremely peaceful to listen to. The result of coaching with Ellen? Her joy permeated me, and now I get to feel the same joy for myself in my own life. It feels amazing!”
Heather C. in London, England | Happy Client who’s now spreading joy to all who meet her


“Ellen has unlocked the formula for getting over your ex and on with your life.”
Mat Boggs | Co-Author of Project Everlasting


“There are so many coaches available, but Ellen touched me in a way that enabled me to deeply trust her… And by working with Ellen, I found an amazing man! After my divorce, I wasn’t sure this was possible again. But it is! And it’s happening. Thank you for doing what you do Ellen.”
Le. H., 42, Portland, OR | Client, Outdoor adventurer, Lover to new soulmate

“I never thought a coach could truly make a difference in my life. Ellen was the right person at the right time to help me change my life and get rid of baggage I carried from the past.  I now feel freer. Life is easier to face. A lot of my friends are commenting, “There’s something different… What is it?” I know what I need to do now, thanks to Ellen’s fabulous guidance. She has been there and knows first hand the trials we all face. Hiring Ellen is really worth it!”
Rhonda P. in Vancouver, WA | Very Happy Client, Met her man Randy shortly after coaching with Ellen

“Before working with Ellen, I had NO CLUE how to re­enter the dating scene – and honestly, I was downright unprepared and afraid. I had been single for 4 years after my divorce, so everything seemed so far out of reach. But after just one month of coaching with Ellen, I was much more confident and knew the right steps to take! Ellen’s process very quickly drew in my first few dates. Now I’m really enjoying the dating scene! I would recommend Ellen to anyone who is ready to make big changes in their love life QUICKLY… and empower yourself greatly in the process.”
Robin C. in Austin, TX | Client, Entrepreneur, Fearlessly back in the dating scene after a devastating divorce



“People come to me all the time asking me how to get over their ex. And you know what I tell them? I tell them to go see Ellen. IMMEDIATELY.”
David Wygant | Dating Coach


“Ellen is so insightful and intuitive, and she does such a great job of helping you figure out what you need to do to get to where you want to be. We are all blessed to have a beacon of hope and knowledge looking out for us. I was going through a breakup when I found Ellen and she gave me both the knowledge and the strength to keep going. Today, I’m with an amazing man, and we are SO happy!”
Gina G. in New Orleans, LA | Client, Met her soulmate shortly after coaching

“Ellen, I absolutely love your programs. I’ve been doing relationship work for a while now, including many of the popular online soulmate courses, and I just have to say…. Your courses have a slightly different, almost more practical approach – which I find extremely helpful! Your work really matters! I am so very grateful for your advice, and the tools you teach. I know I’ll be using your advice for years to come.”
Galina B. in Ontario, Canada | Happy customer, Enjoying her new and improved love life

“Before I found Ellen, I was completely broken, lost and confused. I felt like there was no way I could escape my heart ache, but I knew I couldn’t continue to go down the path of constant hurt. One night, I googled “how to get over heart break” and the first thing I found was Ellen, explaining how to get over it. I automatically felt better knowing there was someone else out there that gone though such tough times, so as quick as I could I bought her program! Now, with Ellen’s guidance, I’ve never looked back. I can hardly believe how much she helped me regain my strength and be able to let go. The things I use to think weren’t possible, Ellen made possible for me! Thank you, Ellen, from the bottom of my heart.”
Suzi in Australia | Happily healed with Ellen’s help
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“Sassy, sound and sensational advice…. Ellen is a ball of loving energy, delivering rock solid advice in such a fun, playful way that we can and want to hear it.”
Julie Ferman | #1 Matchmaker iDate Awards


“Before finding Ellen, I was in a really, really bad place. I first told myself, what’s a book and online program going to do for me? I’ve read Ellen’s book twice now, and I can’t even explain how much it has helped me! I can tell already how much better of a person I am turning out to be. Every part of her book and program has helped me, all the tips and tools! Even my therapist was impressed with how much I healed with Ellen’s help. This was the best program for me at the time, and I’m so thankful to Ellen for giving it to us. I can truly say it was such a relief!”
LeeAnn L. in Pittsburg, PA | Healed her heart gracefully with Ellen’s help

“I read Ellen’s book in less than an hour – I literally ate it up! I wouldn’t have gotten to the point in my breakup where I had the strength to put my foot down, stand up for myself, and take my power back if I hadn’t read Ellen’s book and followed her program. If you’re stuck and in pain like I was, Ellen’s help is a must!”
Elyssa D. in London, England | Happy reader, Standing in her power and enjoying her life again
Get your own power back with Ellen’s help right here.


“Ellen speaks from the heart. She’s been through the pain of a breakup, has come out the other side triumphant, and can show you how you can do it. She has the reassuring yet sassy voice of a loving older sister who’s got your back. If you’re experiencing a painful breakup, she’s the soothing balm you need to make things easier.”
Ali Binazir MD | Bestselling author of The Tao of Dating


“I am moved to pipe up and send you a flood of kudos…. I have listened, well, to just about everybody on this train…each has their take and info and pearls to impart. I appreciate anyone’s dedication to their mission, however…. YOU my dear, are cut above.  Authentic, warm, honest, and direct…your free admission to your own foibles and trips in occasional pot-holes of self-discovery make you both admirable and inspirational, yet also engaging and charming….Ellen, you are wonderful! Thank you for inspiring me to think. Have a great day wonder-woman.”
Susan M. | Dedicated self-helper & Lover of all things Ellen

“Ellen gave me the boost I needed to get out of my own way. She’s very knowledgeable, while still being light-hearted and nonjudgmental.  Ellen has an energy about her that got me out of “hope” mode and into action. Thanks Ellen!”
Penny A. in Reno, NV | Client, No longer sitting around while life passes her by

“Ellen — You are a gift from the Universe.”
Lisa in Orlando, FL | Loyal reader, Big fan


“A true teacher, Ellen walks her talk. The countless women she’s empowered are proof.”
Erika Herman | Nutritional Consultant & Author of Eat Like a Fatass, Look Like a Goddess


“In just one short conversation with Ellen,  I felt more confident about where I am and how to get to where I would like to be in the future. I didn’t feel like I was talking to a stranger, but instead someone that I was familiar and comfortable with. I’m really looking forward to exploring more coaching and doing more work with her.”
Alicia in Sacramento, CA | Winner of a free coaching session, Excited for more

“Ellen is a highly intuitive and compassionate guide, who is brave enough to get real with you when she gets clear on what you need.  Her ability to see into your soul and what it’s asking you to acknowledge is a gift – and I’m so grateful she’s sharing it with the world!”
Angela S. in Los Angeles, CA | Loyal reader & fan

“I just bought your program Breakups Are A Bitch, But Getting Through It Doesn’t Have to Be. I’m on Chapter 8 of the book, and I have to say… This is by far the best breakup book I’ve ever read! You are so entertaining, funny, sassy, and direct to the point. Thank you for saving me.”
Ann M. | College Professor, Smiling again with Ellen’s Help
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“I only have one regret from working with Ellen….that it had to end!”
Sharon L. in Dallas, TX | Customer, Currently living and loving her miraculous life