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I work with clients all over the world…Thousands of men and women going through a breakup and surviving a divorce.

And you want to know the most common reason why most relationships fail?

Many relationships go into breakdown because the woman is trying to be the man.

Look, I get that you want to be a powerful, self-sufficient, independent woman. So do I! 

But if you’ve had relationship problems with a man, you need to continue reading this article, because I’m about to tell you a not-so-obvious reason that your relationship ended….And it has everything to do with your femininity. 

Your feminine self is suffering and has been ignored for most of your life…

The feminine woman that resides within you has been ignored. She’s been tossed to the side like an old pair of shoes, and without her, your romantic life is….well….DOOMED. 

When we women started going into the work place, we had to adapt very quickly to a man’s world. We had to learn a different way of speaking and communicating, which included beginning to take on men’s ways of cutting up with each other, making fun of each other, and being anything but soft, warm, and comforting. 

We started wearing stuffy suits and stopped wearing sexy aprons. We started carrying stiff briefcases and stopped carrying soft energy.

We began striving for some things and competing for others. We worked our little tushes off to prove we deserved to be equal, many times working more than the men themselves. 

We push, and we pull, and we wear ourselves out trying to climb to (and often sleep to) the “top”. 

And then, at the end of the day, we schlep ourselves back home to our men and the many other household chores that still need tending to and husbands who still expect a warm meal at the dinner table.

Whew! That sounds exhausting.

Sometimes I wonder what the hell we’re thinking…

Didn’t we have it made wearing sexy aprons and and being able to stretch out and relax in an empty house all day while someone else went out to push, pull, and wear themselves out to bring home the bacon? 

But no…That wasn’t OK with us. We had to “prove ourselves”. We had to “show those men who’s boss.”

And we certainly did, didn’t we?

We because Executives. We became VPs. We even became Presidents and CEOs and holders of all sorts of prominent political positions, too.

But you know what we also became?

We women became men. And with that, we lost our soft, sexy, sensual feminine selves that makes men fall to their knees in lust, adoration, and ultimately, LOVE. 

If you’re like most women today, you’ve fallen victim to this new way of being for women and have been taught from an early age to be more masculine that you’ve been taught to be feminine

And because of that, you’re experiencing what feels like a never ending trial and tribulation with relationships that never seem to work out.

While I’m not encouraging you to quit your job or become any less independent and wonderful as you are today, what I AM encouraging you to do is take a serious look at your feminine self and access your ability to use your feminine energy in the presence of a man….In particularly in the presence of a man you’re in a romantic relationship with.

Because if you’re more masculine than you are feminine, your relationship will ultimately fail. It might not fail as far as a breakup or divorce, but it will fail in other ways- Communication, intimacy, romantically, etc. 

Masculine energy wants feminine energy. It needs feminine to survive in a relationship. It’s really quite simple, actually. But if you’re more masculine than you are feminine, you’re trying to mix oil and water. 

And ultimately, you’ll wear yourself out trying to mix the two together.

So…What are YOUR thoughts? Please leave a comment below! I can’t wait to read it and reply back to you.


Ellen Smoak

Author | Speaker | Relationship Coach

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One Response to “Why Women’s Lib Screwed Us Up Romantically”

  1. SubByBirth

    Interesting ideas. There’s probably something to for some people’s situation. I’m a submissive male and I want a woman to be “man”. I do like to completely support my woman financially but most women work.


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